Being a creative person, having an idea to create new vision for business is a real entrepreneurship, but at the same time they have to face so many problems to reach people in the market and create their name. Same happens with Shweta Singla who have great product ideas but no one consider it in the beginning.

Her first problem was the quality of a product which she can’t get from any other manufacturing firm. So, she decided to set up her own manufacturing. Then   she need a platform for selling the product but every E- commerce platform charges high and not ready to sell her products as it was a new product in the market. She created her own online platform for promotion of her product but didn’t get the response as the customers have a fear of not getting the exact product and losing the money. Because of these trust issues she established her own store for building trust of the customer. When the things start getting stable, Covid closes all the businesses and stores. Without losing hope she started her work again and started survey of the market after the covid situation.

After the survey of the market, she get to know that the same problems faced by the people who have some unique ideas or products but can’t get a platform. An idea comes to her mind and therefore, she introduced WebloonsMall, a retail store for the people who faces the same problem of establishing their product in the market. A platform where anyone can sell who have innovative products, creativity and willing to do something big.

This retail store provides a path to the person who have a potential to create something new beyond the market sight. The main focus of this mall is on promoting artist, maker, independent designer or creative entrepreneur.