Webloons Mall is excited to introduce our category FASHION JEWELLRY

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WEBLOONS MALL, A variety retail store, introducing Sub-category “FASHION  JEWELLRY” of our category “JEWELLRY” and encourging woman towards self-love. In 2020 people were closed in there homes and doing something to run there personal expenses, and most of them are also became seller. We are giving them a platform to sell there products. everything will be MADE IN INDIA as we are promoting VOCAL FOR LOCAL.

As we all know that today’s youth is more into influencing people and becoming fashion influencers and jewellry is an important part of woman accessory so right now are target is to enhance the beauty of Indian Woman.

The end of May becomes a busy time for hundreds of jewelry designers as they prepare to showcase their newest collections to potential buyers, journalists and digital jewellery tastemakers. So honoured to be a part of this community So we decided to share with people my preparation for this summer, behind the scenes and of course jewellery highlights.

Embrace your beauty with a spark of jewellry

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